A crowd of people singing and raising their hands in worship at church

The Formation of our Beliefs

Belief takes on a large role in the making of our lived realities. Our beliefs dictate what is important to us, what we trust in, and how we make sense of the world around us. We hold tightly to our beliefs and find confidence in their dependability. When we reach decisions we are unsure how to make, we can rely on our beliefs as a solid foundation to fall back on.

There is a wide range of beliefs that people center their lives around. Some are centered on facts, or knowledge, some are objective, and some based on judgment. We use life experiences and experiences with people to make decisions rooted in our truths. However, due to the person-centered culture of our world, the most influential beliefs that we hold are the ones about ourselves. How we view ourselves greatly determines our confidence and strength, inspiring us to take on challenges and believe that we can do it.

A belief in God and a commitment to Him is one that creates new meaning and purpose. Jesus invites us to follow Him, and as we make that decision and adopt that belief we experience a shift in perspective and priority. The voice of God changes us as we learn what it means to believe in the power of forgiveness, and trust in a God full of grace, love, and patience. When we begin to believe in Jesus we begin to understand all the things that he loves and cherishes and eventually take on those same beliefs. Our identity is transformed as we find peace and watch as our life takes on a deeper meaning.

We begin to see people for who they are, in a light that cherishes each individual as uniquely important and beautifully flawed. We grow in our own confidence in the ways that God created us to be as we begin to understand how intentionally we were created.

Our beliefs are constantly evolving and unfolding as we go through our lives. We grow and change alongside our beliefs as we learn more day by day. Our belief in God can be dependable, and yet go through ups and downs. At some moments, God may seem to hold our hand day throughout it all, and other days He may seem completely absent. In these moments, we must hold tightly to our identity in Christ, knowing that not only are we loved by God, but we belong to God. With Christ, we are never alone and always have something deeper to ground our lives in.

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