Blue Oaks Church students preparing meals for the homeless

Our Student Ministry is designed to help students discover who God is and learn who they are in Him.

Our Approach

Our Approach:

We’re committed to partnering with parents to lead students into Christ-centered living. We want every student to take their next step with Jesus by growing their faith, finding community and serving others. Here are four things we value in student ministry:

Welcoming Environment

Every single student is valued and known by God. We believe it’s our responsibility as believers to make sure any student who comes to Blue Oaks feels valued and known by staff, volunteers and by other students.

Engaging Bible Teaching

We believe God’s story redeems and empowers our story. Each week we start a conversation through teaching that is rooted in the most relevant, practical tool for our lives, the Bible. Our hope is that every message helps students connect with God in their everyday lives and to find their personal identity in Jesus.


We believe that students will connect with God when they are surrounded by amazing leaders and friends that are passionate about Jesus. All students will connect with a small group leader who will be consistent in providing prayer, love and support. At Blue Oaks, community is built through large group shared experiences, small group interactions and adult leader mentorships.


In student ministry, you can do everything right that makes the tastings of a great cake but cake is always better with frosting. We believe fun is the frosting to a cake and having fun is a tool to help us connect with each other and ultimately with God.

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Middle School

Middle School Ministry

At Blue Oaks, we desire to see middle school students discover and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Our mission is to partner with families to raise students to know, love, and serve Jesus for a lifetime. Through genuine community, serving opportunities, authentic worship, and intentional services, we empower students to impact their world with the love and teachings of Christ.

What’s Happening

Sunday Mornings

Middle Schoolers are welcome to join us every Sunday morning at 9:30am for service where we will have a program filled with games, a message, and table discussions. If a middle schooler desires a deeper relationship and understanding of God, this is the program for them.

Wednesday Nights

Wednesdays Nights are a great way for middle schoolers to take that first step into their relationship with God. This program is focused on building relationships, with a Gospel message in the center of the night. This allows for Students to attend and invite their friends and get exposed to the gospel in a “low-stakes” way.

When? Every Wednesday Night 7-8:30pm at Blue Oaks Church

Riot Nights

Once a month we host a high energy event for every middle schooler to attend. This is a night filled with games, raffles, activities, and hang out spots so every student is able to engage with other students at their level of comfortability. Riot Nights are set-up with the goal of allowing non-church students a chance to try out a Blue Oaks Middle event in a safe and fun setting

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High School

High School Ministry

At Blue Oaks Church, we encourage high school students to passionately follow Jesus. Our mission is to cultivate a community where evangelism is embraced, service is a way of life, worship is genuine, and authentic connections are fostered. Through intentional growth in these areas and the transformative act of baptism, we empower students to impact their world with the love and teachings of Christ.

What’s Happening

Serve Opportunities

Our junior/senior High School Students serve together on Sundays at 9:30am as leaders in our middle school ministry, and on Wednesday nights for middle school weekly programs.

High School Small Groups

High School Small groups meet at 7-8:00 pm. Contact Xavier Vaesau for dates and locations (they are subject to change).

Sunday Service every week at 11am High School Students gather to sit together in Main Service on the far right side of the auditorium. Join us!

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When & Where

Middle School

Sunday Service, 9:30 am

Every Sunday, 6th-8th grade students have their own service during the 10:00 am Sunday experience. During this time, students play group games, participate in worship, and engage with a message that is practical for their lives. Sundays provide a great opportunity for students to make friends, connect with small group leaders and learn about God’s love for them.

Small Groups

Wednesday 7:00 – 8:30pm

Every Wednesday, 6th-8th grade students join together to have small groups. During this time, we play group games, dig deeper into Sunday’s message and spend time in small groups. Wednesdays provide the opportunity for your student to create more meaningful friendships, participate in small group discussions and to dig deeper into how God can transform their lives.

High School

Sunday Service, 11:00 am

We want to mobilize your high schoolers potential to help them keep pursuing authentic faith and discover their personal mission. To do that we encourage high school students to attend the main worship services on Sunday mornings and get involved in serving on a volunteer team where they can put their faith into action and be mentored by others who are further along in their spiritual journey.

Small Groups

Tuesday 7:00 – 8:00pm

We also know that high school students need to build a community of peers. That’s why every Tuesday evening, 9th-12th grade students join together to have small groups. During this time they laugh and have fun, dig deeper into the Bible using a variety of study tools and spend time in small groups where students can be supported and challenged to mobilize their potential.

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