Message Topic: Bible


This week we go deep as God urges us through His word to embrace the transformative power of renewing our

Does Suffering Disprove God?

If God is all-loving and God is all-powerful, why is there so much suffering, pain and evil in the world?

Is Christianity Anti-Women?

One of the criticisms often leveled against Christianity is that it is fundamentally oppressive to women. While its certainly true

Is Faith Irrational?

Is it possible to believe deeply in reason, logic, and learning while embracing faith in an unseen, miraculous, supernatural God?

The Significance of Scripture

Words are powerful. There is a classic phrase that has been around for generations: Sticks and stones may break my

The Formation of our Beliefs

Belief takes on a large role in the making of our lived realities. Our beliefs dictate what is important to

God’s Longing for His Church

One God, but three Persons? The Trinity can be a difficult concept to grasp, and yet when we begin to

The Spirit Is Power

Many people have a clear picture of who God the Father is. They’re not confused about the person of Jesus