Message Topic: Direction

The Good Life

Searching for something more than the world’s definition of success and happiness? Join us this Sunday as we uncover the

A Day With Jesus

Jesus has an offer that can radically change the way you live in 2024. He extends it to everyone regardless

Discovering our Direction

The future is unpredictable. Often we try to avoid this unpredictability by using our time to plan for the future.


You’ve probably heard the saying, “Begin with the end in mind”. It sounds wise, but how often do you actually


It’s said that hardship builds character. Being forced to wait teaches us to be patient. Trials build faith. Have you

Finding Direction

Does the Holy Spirit speak to you? How good are you at hearing from Him? Would you like to get

The Spirit Is Power

Many people have a clear picture of who God the Father is. They’re not confused about the person of Jesus