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What exactly is dating?

Some define dating as two people discovering whether or not they are a good match. Other people describe it as the time in which you are currently in a relationship with someone, or others may define it as simply getting to know people around you and figuring out what qualities you are looking for in a partner. No matter how one chooses to explain it, it is clear that dating is a period of waiting.

For example, let’s say that you are currently single and have decided you want to find a romantic partner. Making this conscious decision does not mean that you will wake up the next day to find your perfect match waiting for you. Dating can be a rather lengthy process of meeting people, creating friendships, and discovering what values are important to you and, thereby, what values to look for in a partner. It is a trial-and-error process with no right or wrong way to go about it. There can be periods of loneliness and joy, frustration and contentment, but it is essential to remember that this time of waiting shouldn’t go to waste.

That is probably one of the most frequently asked questions that God gets. How much longer? How much longer will I have to wait?

Rarely does God answer our prayers with a timeline, a deadline, or even a brief hint regarding when the pieces will fall into place. Some days, God’s timing seems as though it will never make sense. We feel burdened and weighed down by the realization that we are not ultimately in control. Even when we try our best in a relationship, pursue kindness and gratitude, and have all the best intentions, sometimes it doesn’t work out. This is where dating can get complex when we become frustrated by the lack of control that we can have in a relationship with someone else. Whether we are single, dating, in a relationship, or anything in between– remember to be patient in the waiting.

Psalm 37:7 states, “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him.”

Dating allows us to discover more about ourselves, who we are, and what is important to us. Only after we experience the relationships that don’t work out can we truly appreciate the times they do work out. Waiting is part of becoming who God wants us to be. Find joy in anticipating what is to come, knowing you are exactly where you should be.

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