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Compassion Newsletter – Spring 2024

City Team Oakland: Turning Point Serve Opportunity

Turning Point in Oakland is a 6–12-month transitional housing program for women and children in crisis, providing a bridge to independent living. The homes provide a safe and compassionate living community where women can gain skills and resources towards independent living, family reunification, and healing from trauma.  

Through individualized mentoring, staff members help women identify and achieve employment, housing, education, and healthy living goals. Workshops are offered to increase earning potential such as budgeting and financial literacy. When a resident secures stable housing and a reliable income, they transition out of Turning Point with hope for the future.

We have helped to provide dining room chairs and dressers for the house, and when we toured noticed how much needed to be done in the yard. We offered to help get it looking nice and beautiful. A team of people have already been volunteering to help clear it out and make room for the garden transformation. We have no set dates yet but we will need help. If you’re a handy man and could help build simple things or fix broken things or if you like gardening let me know and I will keep you informed on this project.

We still have spots available to serve dinner to the men at their residence. Sign up using the link below.

“I loved working together with others to make the meal for Goodness Village. It not only was helping Goodness Village but also allowed us to get to know others in our church and build community.”

~ Michelle

Mariachi Program

Join us April 28th after second service for live music and tacos! 

PUSD established the Mariachi program in response to data that revealed a lack of participation in the established music programs by disadvantaged students, kids learning English, and foster children. It’s been very successful in targeting these students who traditionally have not participated partly because of perceived and real costs related to instrument rental and/or lack of music training.

Music instruction improves children’s communication skills, attention, and memory, and helps close the gap between rich and poor students. The group provides a space for students to feel connected and supported and to reach their potential.

It’s so much more than band practice. They offer dinner to all participants before the program starts. In addition to the music class, they also provide several elective classes for students. There is also tutoring available. Parents can find help as well. Maybe there are no computers at home, or the parent needs help filling something out. The program encompasses help well beyond just being part of the band. Instruments are provided to any child/family in need at no cost. In fact, there are no financial barriers at all. It is open to all kids regardless of their ability to cover the expense. The group includes an abundance of cultural diversity as well.

The performing group will be playing at Blue Oaks Church on April 28th after the 11 AM service. There will be a taco truck serving lunch after the second service only. Stick around and listen to some good music and enjoy good food and fellowship. Who doesn’t like a good street taco!?

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