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Accountability in our Faith

Many people when they think of health, immediately think of physical health. People do things like eating healthy foods, drinking water, sleeping regularly, and going to the doctor to ensure that they are staying on top of their physical health. There is no doubt that our bodies are important. The next kind of health that people think about is usually our mental health — the health of our minds and internal emotions. Rarely do people consider the importance of our spiritual health.

This forgotten aspect of personal health is actually the most important. Our relationship with God impacts our relationship with ourselves, the community, our family, our jobs, our goals, and everything in between. If we stay committed to maintaining our spiritual health, we can watch as God transforms all other aspects of life as we grow in likeness to Him. However, just like taking care of our physical and mental health can be challenging, so can investing in our spiritual health. That’s when accountability comes into play.

Taking care of our spiritual health requires a daily commitment to spending time in the Word, communicating with God, and investing in fellowship. These commitments allow us to continue growing and keeping our spiritual health in check. However, life is hectic and busy and when we begin to feel overwhelmed we often let our spiritual health slip through the cracks.

Here are some simple ways to stay accountable:
Schedule weekly calls with a friend or family member
Join a small group
Do a daily devotion or guided prayer
Download the Bible App – a convenient tool!
Attend a weekly church service or watch one online
Set daily reminders

Having someone to keep you accountable for taking care of your spiritual health can make a huge difference. Maybe it’s a spiritual mentor, a friend, a church leader, or even a family member. There is nothing more important than our relationship with God, and with accountability and responsibility we can continue to invest in a strong spirituality and grow to be more like Jesus everyday.

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